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  • Flavia Hot Drinks Machines

    Our most popular office systems manufactured by ®Mars Drinks.  Enjoy freshly filtered
    coffees, teas, cappuccinos and lattes and over 30 inspiring drinks to choose from. With three
    systems to choose from we will have the right machine for you.

    • Flavia Creation 200 - 5 staff plus
    • Flavia Creation 500 - 10 staff plus
    • Flavia Barista Machine for the corporate environment
    • Nationwide Services for Drinks and Systems
    • Registered Distributor for Flavia for 15 years


  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machines

    They are taking the coffee world by storm and we have them. Supporting your business
    we have a range of nine Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machines serving ice cold coffees for anytime
    of day. Just plug in and go, installed in a few minutes and that includes the coffee.

    • UK sales in 2017 were £370 million of cold brew coffees
    • Forecast to grow to £620 million by 2022
    • Start up drinks menu for 12 Mocktails / Coftails
    • Seasonal drink menu for the time of year
    • Nationwide Services for coffee and machines


  • Vending Machines

    Link Vending provides vending machine solutions throughout London and the UK.
    We are committed to finding the right vending machine solution for your business needs,
    and using our business to support a number of charities.

    • Table Top and Floor Standing Machines
    • Custom vending machines - for whatever you want to vend
    • Snack, can and bottle vending machines – including food vending
    • In-cup vending machines – floor standing, table top and complete solutions
    • Hot Drinks vending machines including instant, fresh brew and bean to cup


  • Coffee Machines

    A Link Vending coffee machine is more than just coffee for your office, it’s also a way
    to support charities around the world at the same time.
    Choose from a range of coffee machines including:

    • Flavia Coffee Machines
    • Nescafe and Go Machines
    • In-cup Vending Coffee Machines
    • Office and Filter Coffee Machines
    • Bean to Cup, Fresh Brew and Instant Machines

    And support one of our chosen charities at the same time.


  • Water Coolers and Fountains

    Staying cool couldn't be better. Our Comprehensive ranges are sourced from
    leading UK water cooler manufacturers always at the forefront of innovative
    ideas and technology.

    • Mains fed and bottled water coolers
    • Water fountains for interior and exterior use
    • Under Counter Water Chillers with counter top sink and bar taps
    • Power chillers and sparkling coolers
    • Bistro with complete drink solutions and Hot water boilers

    See our chosen charities, that also includes WaterAid.


  • Hot Drinks & Supplies

    Linked with most leading manufacturers and wholesalers our range encompasses single serve
    drink sachets, in cup drinks for machines and take-a-away, vending instant drinks together with cups,
    sugar sticks, stirrers, whiteners, toppings, milk pots and more.    

    Refill your vending machine, coffee machine or hot drinks supplies with everything you
    need to restock while also giving a helping hand to our chosen charities.

    If you do not see what you are looking for – just ask


  • Link Vending Shop

    Well known brands at great prices with free UK delivery on eligible orders. Buy securely
    today and receive the next working day. 

    Flavia :- Creation machines, choices on starter packs and merchandisers
    Nescafe and Go Drink Refills :- Ideal takeaway drinks. 20+ drinks range
    Kenco In-Cup Drinks :- 76mm for in cup vending machines, branded paper cups
    Vending Drinks and Whiteners :- Coffee Beans, instant hot drinks and vending milks
    Cups and Sundries: Comprehensive range of paper cups, milks, biscuits etc
    Flavia Drinks:- See our custom sachet boxes with all drinks the same price
    Nescafe Go Machines: See our four package offers from Economy to our Ultimate package



  • Charity Links

    All our business is charity-linked from a new machine purchase to installation and even a
    cup of coffee. We help to improve third world water supplies, animals in need worldwide
    and people with learning disabilities in the UK

    • WaterAid - Improving water supplies in Africa and Asia
    • MHF - Providing support and help for people with mental health problems
    • IAR - Improving the lives of animals in need worldwide


  • Sustainability

    On a personal and business level adopting sustainable practices can make a difference.
    With a conscious and collective effort we can all help to improve and make - an
    environmental difference. Collectively we can help reduce carbon emissions and
    safeguard natural resources. The vending industry is no different .. we are doing what
    we can and working to do more.

    See some of our new products, for clarity find out what these "recycling" symbols
    actually mean and have a look at the progress some of our manufacturers are making.  


Featured Products

Nescafe and Go Machine

The Nescafe & Go Vending Machine is the perfect portable drink solution for receptions, offices, workshops and more. Large 12oz branded drink refills, each individually foil-sealed, in insulated, paper cups making the machine the ideal take-away solution for newsagents and small retail outlets. We offer 19 different drinks including Nescafe Coffees, Cappuccino, Aero, Tetley, PG Tea, Cadbury's Chocolate, winter soups and more. – just add hot water.
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Shop with Link

You can shop and pay online for our unique lines including freshly roasted coffee beans from Link Café, our special single price club for all Flavia drinks and our cheap as chips range that work. Unique ranges on paper cups from packs of 25 to 2000 cups, sugar, biscuits and milk for the office and a comprehensive range of vending drinks and sundries. All available for next day delivery that’s free if you spend £70.00 or more.
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Flavia Creation 400

Retro yet funky the Flavia Creation 400 offers over 30 inspiring drinks. From a neat espresso to a creamy cappuccino to healthy herbal tea. It's the ideal coffee machine for the busy office. Serving up to 40 staff with its optional plumbing the Flavia Creation 400 Titanium coffee machine pushes all the right buttons and serves a great drink every time. It’s the office coffee machine – at its best. Available plumbed or un-plumbed, pay or free vend... its your choice
Find out more >>

Vending Machines

Vending at its best with our superb range of floor standing and table top vending machines. UK vending machines for sale, rent or lease. Full after sales care with vending drink supplies and vending machine maintenance. Complete hot, cold, snack, food and bottle vending machine solutions including bespoke vending machines.

Coffee Machines

Our range includes In-cup, Single Serve, Bean to Cup, Soluble Ingredient, Fresh Filter Coffee Machines and hot drink solutions for Catering. The coffee machines encompass optional vending of cups, pay vend facilities, plumbing, base cabinets and custom solutions for complete drink and snack stations. Full after care sales and service is available with all our machines

Water Coolers

We specialise in plumbed-in water coolers and offer a complete service. Our range includes water coolers, water chillers, water fountains, bottled water coolers and under counter and power chillers. Water coolers with proven reliability and innovative technology that's demanded for the modern hygiene environment. Optional servicing and installation is all part of our service.

Link Vending Shop

Visit our shop for our expanded product ranges. Everything you need from coffee beans to cup holders and unique offers found nowhere else. Next day delivery on most products and its free if you spend over £70.00
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