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  • Flavia Hot Drinks Machines

    Our most popular office systems from Lavazza Professional.  Enjoy freshly filtered
    Lavazza Coffees and Indulgence packs, Flavia Teas and over 25 inspiring drinks to
    choose from. With three Flavia systems to choose from we will have the right machine for you.

    • Flavia® Creation 600 – our newly launched superstar
    • Flavia® Creation 500 – the office favourite
    • Flavia® Creation 200 – for smaller offices & receptions
    • Registered Distributor for Flavia for 15 years
    • Our exciting new – Flavia Drinks Menu from Lavazza


  • Custom Vending Machines

    What would you like to vend? The shop’s shut, the snack bar is closed, we’re closing the canteen,
    we’re losing too much time with staff going out to lunch, we do not have room
    for a fridge. Take a browse through our custom vending machines - they take some beating.

    • Custom book vending machines
    • Custom stationary and PPE machines
    • Custom Fresh Food vending machines
    • Custom locker vending


  • Vending Machines

    Link Vending provides vending machine solutions throughout London and the UK.
    We are committed to finding the right vending machine solution for your business needs,
    This now includes "new norm" requirements with cashless, PPE vending and more.

    • Table Top and Floor Standing Machines
    • Custom vending machines - for whatever you want to vend
    • Snack, can and bottle vending machines – including food vending
    • In-cup vending machines – floor standing, table top and complete solutions
    • Hot Drinks vending machines including instant, fresh brew and bean to cup


  • Coffee Machines

    Linked with many leading manufacturers we will have the right coffee machine for you.
    To help customers choose a machine to help meet the "stay safe" at work environment
    we have selected certain machines for "bubbles". Have a browse and give us a call.

    • Flavia Coffee Machines
    • Nescafe and Go Machines
    • In-cup Vending Coffee Machines
    • Office and Filter Coffee Machines
    • Bean to Cup, Fresh Brew and Instant Machines


  • Water Coolers and Fountains

    Staying cool couldn't be better. Our Comprehensive ranges are sourced from
    leading UK water cooler manufacturers. Our new hands free water options
    include foot pedals and selections via your mobile phone.
    For full UK coverage for machines and services >>> give us a call

    • Mains Fed and bottled water coolers
    • Water fountains for interior and exterior use
    • Under Counter Water Chillers with counter top sink and bar taps
    • Power chillers and sparkling coolers
    • Bistro with complete drink solutions and Hot water boilers


  • Hot Drinks & Supplies

    Linked with most leading manufacturers and wholesalers our range encompasses single serve
    drink sachets, in cup drinks for machines and take-a-away, vending instant drinks together with cups,
    sugar sticks, stirrers, whiteners, toppings, milk pots and more. More emphasis is now on recyclable
    cups that we stock for hot and cold drinks 

    Coffee and Tea brands include: Nestle, Douwe Egberts, Lavazza, Kenco, Flavia, PG Tips, Tetley, Twinings
    and more. If you do not see what you are looking for – please just ask.


  • Link Vending Shop

    Well known brands at great prices with free UK delivery on eligible orders. Buy securely
    today and receive the next working day. 

    Flavia :- Creation machines, choices on starter packs and merchandisers
    Nescafe and Go Drink Refills :- Ideal takeaway drinks. 20+ drinks range
    Kenco In-Cup Drinks :- 76mm for in cup vending machines, branded paper cups
    Vending Drinks and Whiteners :- Coffee Beans, instant hot drinks and vending milks
    Cups and Sundries: Comprehensive range of paper cups, milks, biscuits etc
    Flavia Drinks:- See our custom sachet boxes with all drinks the same price
    Nescafe Go Machines: See our four package offers from Economy to our Ultimate package



  • Hygiene at Work

    Depending on your work environment there are various essentials to look at. We’ve
    been working with manufacturers and wholesalers to come up with ranges of products
    and machines to keep your staff and customers safe in the workplace.

    • Nearly all products and machines are manufactured / produced in the UK
    • PPE and Hand wash products to purchase
    • Ready made vending solution for PPE and Handwash products
    • Custom Vending ideas for PPE, Hand Sanitisers and more
    • The new norm including air touch technology, foot pump water coolers and
      fountains and put anywhere mobile handwash stations


  • Sustainability

    On a personal and business level adopting sustainable practices can make a difference.
    With a conscious and collective effort we can all help to improve and make - an
    environmental difference. Collectively we can help reduce carbon emissions and
    safeguard natural resources. The vending industry is no different .. we are doing what
    we can and working to do more.

    See some of our new products, for clarity find out what these "recycling" symbols
    actually mean and have a look at the progress some of our manufacturers are making.  


During the progression to the “New Norm” we wish to let customers know we are still open for business.
We have also now launched a completely new section to our business HYGIENE AT WORK Read More>>>

Featured Products

Hygiene at Work

Our new category. The effects of the Coronavirus is with us all and the working environment is no exception. Our mission here is to offer our customers a range that compliments our services. Products include PPE masks and gloves, Hand wash and hand sanitise gels and sprays. Surface sanitisers for work desks, offices and public sites. Our hand wash sanitising stations include internal and external, mobile, wall mounted and LED sensor stations hands free.
Find out more >>

Custom Vending Machines

So what would you like to vend? We work with various custom vending manufacturers accommodating most customer needs and requirements. We customise spiral vending machines new and used, belt systems, soft drop machines, ambient, fresh food, sandwiches, fruits, and wall-mounted vending machines. Common customised vending machines we do are stationary, non-foods, cold drinks, books and recently PPE and PPE with other products.
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Flavia Creation Machines

Flavia Creation Coffee Machines for the Office. Manufactured by Lavazza Professional enjoy the highest quality hot drinks including Flavia Lavazza Coffees, Flavia Teas, Chocolate, Lattes and more. With minimal maintenance and a choice of machines the Flavia machine range is perfect for the busy office, receptions and training rooms. Take a look at the Flavia® Creation 600 Vending Machine; it’s Flavia at its best. All Flavia machines offer optional plumbing and ideal for 10 to 40 staff.
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Nescafe and Go Machines

The Nescafe & Go is the perfect portable drink solution for receptions, offices, workshops and more. Large 12oz branded drink refills, each individually foil-sealed, in insulated paper cups and no plumbing makes the machine the ideal take-away solution for newsagents, camp sites, service counters etc. Over 20 different drinks including Nescafe & DE Coffees, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Aero, Tetley, PG Tea, Cadbury's, Soups and more. – just add hot water.

Used Vending Machines

Our range of used vending machines for sale includes snacks, cans , bottles, sandwiches, fresh foods and other dairy items including milk, fresh fruit and more. We can customise used machines to include a specific layout, graphics and payment systems that include cashless, coin mechanisms, tokens etc. PPE vending machines are now in demand and we can configure shelving to suit the products you would like to vend. Rental is also available.

Water Coolers

We specialise in plumbed-in water coolers and offer a complete service. Our range includes water coolers, water chillers, water fountains, bottled water coolers and under counter and power chillers. Water coolers with proven reliability and innovative technology that's demanded for the modern hygiene environment. Optional servicing and installation is all part of our service.

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Collectively we can help reduce carbon emissions and safeguard natural resources. The vending industry is no different … we are doing what we can and working to do more.
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