The Flavia Creation 500, from Link Vending

The new Flavia Creation 500 from Mars Drinks takes the Flavia experience to a new level, with improvements on the previous Flavia 400. The result is one of the best hot drink vending machines on the market, designed to work with Mars Drinks’ proprietary Freshpack technology.

How It Works

Before they even make it into the machine, the quality ingredients prepared by Mars Drinks are firmly sealed into Freshpacks, which are treated with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen and make sure they stay fresh.

On selecting your drink of choice, the appropriate Freshpack is moved into position by the dispenser and hot water is allowed to flow through it, absorbing the flavours in the pack en route to the cup below.

The Benefits

The position of a Freshpack in the Flavia 500 means that all that actually moves through the machine itself is water; you get no residue of flavour or taste from one drink to the next, so one woman’s Yorkshire Tea doesn’t affect the next man’s Galaxy hot chocolate.

It also guarantees an easier clean!

The Flavia 500 is also extremely energy efficient, with a low energy mode and even energy efficient LEDs for the display. Installing a Flavia 500 guarantees café-quality drinks for your employees at a moment’s notice in a range of styles.

In Partnership with Mars Drinks

With brands like Yorkshire Tea, Taylors of Harrogate, and Mars Fabulous Froth on the roster, among others, the Freshpacks of Mars Drinks branded drinks available include some high-quality delicious beverages in a wide range of styles.

In Partnership with Us at Link Vending

The link is our ties to charity – every customer we have means more money going to one of the charities we partner with, and we’re always on the lookout for others!

Wherever else you or your business look, you won’t find an opportunity to get the great taste, energy savings, and convenience of a Flavia 500 and contribute to charity at the same time.

Enrich your social conscience – turn to Link Vending for your drink vending needs.