Custom Vending Challenge – Brighton Promenade

The Challenge

Our customer, Kelloggs, wanted to vend a bowl of cereal complete with the fresh milk and spoon

To promote the vitamin D in their cereals it must only vend in bad weather – overcast-rain-clouds

So – if the weather is poor – you can still have your Vitamin D – despite the reliable British Weather

Link Vending rising to the challenge

The Challenge

On the day – The weather in Brighton – The promenade is not looking very inviting. Our team are there ready to start together with various partners to set up the machine

Battling the Elements – The team are getting the vending machine ready. I wonder why no-one is on the big wheel?

Vitamin D is now available – Our custom vending machine on the Brighton Promenade – ready to go. You don’t need the sunshine to get your daily dose of vitamin D with this machine

A Ray of Sunshine…with Ola Jordan from Strictly

Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing

Braving the elements – Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing has seen our custom vending machine – well you couldn’t miss it really could you

A simple button to push – But of course it didn’t vend as it’s sunny. We linked the customised vending machine to the local weather forecast

Ola is able to get her daily dose of Vitamin D – when the clouds appear. The end to a perfect day

How did we do it?

We think this is the only vending machine linked to the local weather. It’s probably a world first in custom vending. Through our links within the industry and other parties we were able to deliver  this unique machine. On the vending side Link Vending would like to thank Coffetek, Aeguana ( the soft & hardware gurus ), Technical Vending Services and Apogee International to make this project a success.

Link Vending and Custom Vending Machines

We specialise in custom vending solutions.  Some recent custom vending projects this year and together with partners in the industry  include Jewellery / Stationary / Podiatry Products / Sun Creams / PPE / Books / Toys / Clothing / Tennis Balls

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