The Charities


The Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation / For People with Learning Disabilities. Part of the MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION the foundation aims to work with people with learning disabilities to improve the quality of their lives through: Funding innovative research and service development projects / Listening to people with learning difficulties and involving them in its work / Seeking to influence policy / Providing specific and appropriate information to people with learning disabilities, family, carers and service providers / raising awareness about the lives of people with learning difficulties.


International Animal Rescue

I.A.R are dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of suffering animals they have many projects worldwide. They have helped force animal welfare laws in Malta, run a Veterinary clinic in GOA, set up a Catastrophe Cats Rescue campaign. They have just expanded into the USA. The IAR does what it says, saving animals from around the world; and when they can; release them back into the wild.



Water is Life! Safe water is a necessity, but a 6th of the world’s population don’t have it- as a consequence a child dies every 15 seconds from water related diseases. WaterAid works in partnership with poor communities in Africa and Asia helping them to build and maintain their own water and sanitation facilities, such as tap stands and toilets, and providing them with the hygiene education, such as hand washing, that is necessary to make the best use of these facilities. WaterAid’s work is sustainable and low-cost, just £11 could pay for a latrine in India, and £20 for the tools to construct a hand-dug well in Ghana.

How the donations work

Choosing your charity

You can select any one of the above listed charities – you can change this at any time just by letting us know

The donations

On all new sales we allocate an amount to the charity you have selected. Donations are made by us to the charity once every 3 months. You can always contact us for our latest ongoing summary of donations to our charities at any time. If you are a registered charity a reduction is made on your invoice at the time of ordering / when we invoice you.

Repeat Business

When you re-order from us the charity support continues.

The growing support / Charity awareness

More information on each charity can be found on our website

Have some fun

If you want to get involved in sponsored events / have a charity fun day / we can help you get started. We will keep you informed when a special new project is underway.

If there is anything you would like to know please contact us.