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The aim of International Animal Rescue (IAR) is to come to the aid of suffering animals with hands-on rescue and the provision of short or long term rehabilitation. Wherever possible we return rescued animals to their natural habitat, but we also provide sanctuary for animals that can no longer survive in the wild. We work with other likeminded organisations and government departments to develop sound legislation to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. IAR specialises in providing comprehensive sterilisation and vaccination programmes for stray dogs and cats to control populations and prevent the spread of disease. In all that we do, we aim to produce practical solutions that benefit both animals and people

What they do

Saving Animals around the World: At International Animal Rescue they do exactly what their name says, they save animals from suffering around the world. They cut free and care for dancing bears in India, rescue primates from animal traffickers in Indonesia and treat stray dogs and cats in developing countries.

Wherever they can, they return rehabilitated animals to the wild but, if that’s not possible, they give them a safe haven for life.

They rely entirely on donations from the public to fund our work. Without our support they are are powerless: with it, they can make a world of difference to the lives of animals in desperate

  Animal Rescue

Where they work

In the UK we also help marine wildlife in distress by providing an office and full administrative service for British Divers Marine Life Rescue. We also provide office facilities for the local Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service.

Through Catastrophes Cat Rescue in East Sussex, International Animal Rescue gives sanctuary to abandoned and unwanted cats. The Catastrophes team also conducts sterilisation trips in Europe to stabilise stray cat populations and treat their injuries and ailments.

International Animal Rescue is also a founder member of Uist Hedgehog Rescue which campaigned for an end to the needless slaughter of hedgehogs on the islands of Uist. Scottish Natural Heritage announced a suspension of the cull in February 2007 in

Whale Monitoring River Thames

Whale Monitoring River Thames

Catastrophe Cats Rescue

Catastrophe Cats Rescue

Badger Rescue

Badger Rescue

Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Rescue

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Saving Dancing Bears


Kestrel Rescue


Baby Orangutang rescue

The Agra Bear Rescue Facility (ABRF) lies a few kilometres north of the famous Taj Mahal in the north of India. It is run by our Indian partners Wildlife SOS and their expert team of vets and keepers   The IAR office in Malta is based at the home of Malta chairman, Max Farrugia, in Hamrun. This is also the location of our small bird rehabilitation hospital where all kinds of migrating birds are treated for shooting injuries before being released back into the wild  

Widespread destruction of the rainforest and the illegal trade in primates in Indonesia inflicts terrible suffering on animals that are caught from the wild to be killed for bushmeat or sold as pets. It also poses the threat of extinction to some endangered species. IAR runs a rehabilitation centre for orangutans in West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, and a centre for macaques and slow lorises in Java.

International Animal Rescue also have offices based in America and the Netherlands to support their projects around the world   






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