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Custom Branded Coffee Machines

Retail Outlets / Hospitality :- Housing a coffee machine in a unit is a popular way to offer hot drinks in a retail outlet such as petrol garages.  This offers a complete solution for cups, sundries a bin etc all in a neat and compact way. Some are good solutions for bed & breakfast  hotel establishments wanting to offer a solution when the reception is not manned.

Offices – Showrooms:– We can offer personalised branding options with many of our coffee machines. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Hot and Cold drink and snack solutions:– Combinations of half height vending machines in various guises with a coffee machine on the top can give you a complete solution at an affordable price

Have a look at our gallery below for a few ideas. You may also want to look at our Custom Vending Machines for a greater diversity of range

Put a coffee machine on the top….

Bistro   SnackBreak Mini   WaterBoy   Icebreak Can Vending
The Bistro Unit with Base Storage Cabinet and Water Cooler for Cold Drinks   The SnackBreak Mini – very popular this machine can vend snacks, crisps, cans and more   The WaterBoy – vending cold drinks with up to 4 flavours including just chilled water   The Icebreak vends ice chilled canned drinks


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