Our Office System Choice that’s low maintenance, high performing and hassle free

We don’t want to brag or boast; however the facts are …
There is no mixing of drinks in the machine thus maintenance is an absolute minimum
Reliability is excellent with an average of 18 months before site attendance is required
The machines are very cost efficient and have an energy rating of A+

** Fresh Leaf Teas ** Fresh Ground Coffees ** Cappuccinos ** Lattes
A comprehensive range of 25+ different drinks including a range of fresh leaf teas that surpasses any others we know

Being a single serve system you are assured each and every drink served is of the highest quality
Use your own cups or mugs or paper cups

How do you want your Flavia Coffee Machine for the office set up set up?
All the machines offer un-plumbed or plumbed in as an option – you choose

Complete drink station solutions with a Flavia Base Cabinet
Choices on free vend, payvend, cashless

Perfect for … The busy office, receptions, board rooms and training rooms

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Flavia® Creation 600

The FLAVIA® Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional; latest coffee machine for the busy office. With the latest cutting edge technology built in with an intuitive touchscreen interface, automatic cup stand and milk frothing capabilities.
Choose from over 15 new Lavazza coffee shop quality drinks from the range of exquisite Lavazza Freshpacks™. Truly the new market leader for the office environment in single serve and a superb machine for up to 40 staff.

Truly Professional

Fresh Milk & Phone

Flavia® Frothing Technology. You can froth fresh milk directly in the cup or dairy free alternatives such as Oat, Soya, Low Fat, Skimmed and more. No fresh milk? – Flavia Real  Milk Froth Powder™ is available for that Cappuccino or Latte.

Order from your Smart Phone. You can select, personalise and brew Flavia® drinks directly from the new Flavia® Tap N’ Brew App. The App mirrors the Machine Screen and is free to download.

New Technologies

Flavia® Creation 500

The Flavia Creation 500 is designed for the office and serves freshly ground coffees, fresh leaf teas, hot chocolates, lattes and cappuccinos. No fuss, no mess and 25+ different drinks from Lavazza Professional. Flavia delivers drinks for every palate and the machine offers unrivalled reliability.
It’s the market leader for the office environment serving Lavazza Coffees, Flavia Tea drinks  and more.  A superb machine for up to 40 staff.

Flavia at it's best >

Flavia® Creation 200

The Flavia Creation 200 hot drinks coffee machine is ideal for smaller to medium sized businesses. This compact smaller Flavia machine will fit in most spaces and is suitable for offices, receptions, meeting rooms and more. is simple to use, serves great drinks and needs minimal maintenance. Fill with water, plug it in and you’re ready – place your cup, choose your favourite hot drink from the cafe style flavia drinks menu and enjoy.

Our smaller sister

An unsurpassed range of Flavia hot drinks serving Lavazza roasted and ground coffees, real leaf teas, taylors yorkshire tea, cadburys hot chocolate and single pack indulgent Lavazza specialities.

Freshly Ground Coffees

Freshly brewed Lavazza coffees to stir your taste buds including a decaf. They bring coffee shop quality to your workplace with drink choices such as the Espresso Italiano Coffee and the ever popular Crema E Gusto.


Real Leaf Teas

Flavia real leaf black teas including Taylors of Yorkshire. A collection of perfectly balanced green and herbal teas and our Immunity wellbeing herbal infusion. An extensive range from the ever popular English Breakfast to the well known Earl Grey Tea. Something for everyone.


Hot Chocolate and Speciality

Flavia speciality drinks where you can create your own specialities and a rich cadburys hot chocolate. In conjunction with the Lavazza freshly ground coffee of your choice make your own speciality drink like a cappuccino or latte.


Single Pack Indulgence

Delicious Lavazza speciality drinks at the touch of a button from a single Freshpack including Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino and a Flat White – part of the Lavazza  re-imagined drinks menu for Flavia Creation Coffee Machines


Flavia Merchandisers and Cabinets

Choices on Flavia drinks merchandisers including sugar, milk and stirrers. For a complete stand alone hot drinks station look no further than the purpose built Flavia base cabinets. Flavia Pay Pods, Cup stands and information on tokens can also be found here.


Machine Reliability

We have said it already however reliability is excellent with an average of 18 months before an engineer site visit is required.

With maintenance we class machines generally in 3 categories – Low, Medium or High. Flavia machines sit in another category – extremely low maintenance.