… with exceptional office performance

  • Sleek and compact designed to fit any office space
  • Brews a full range of single-serve drinks including coffee shop specialities to satisfy everyone’s needs
  • Ideal for busy offices, receptions, boardrooms and more

… it’s so flexible and ideal for up to 50 staff

  • Flavia Creation 400 TITANIUM  available Plumbed or un-plumbed
  • Use your own china cups or mugs or the Flavia paper cups
  • It’s available free vend / pay vend / table top or floor-standing with base cabinet
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 Convenience 24/7    Designed for your office or workplace    Flavia does more
Flavia Creation 400 TITANIUM Free Vend with Base Cabinet   Flavia Drinks for the Office   Flavia Does More
 The Flavia Creation 400 is easy to use, convenient and clean; making it simple to maintain and hassle free. It’s the ideal 24/7 drinks solution offering industry leading reliability with Flavia Creation 400 Brewers going over a year and a half between service calls  

Quick easy to use technology with drinks ready in 40-60 seconds

LCD display to guide the user when selecting drinks

No clean up, no mess, brews one cup at a time

Portable and flexible – can be used as jug fill or plumbed – in

Easy-fill water tank and helps keep the office running smoothly

  Flavia drinks machines are designed to meet individual demands. The innovative technology enables you to brew authentic drinks together with fresh filter coffees, teas and hot chocolate
 Machine Options            Technical

Flavia Creation 400 Pay Vend with 4 Column Merchandiser

   Online Demo    Energy Efficiency  

Flavia Creation 400 Technical

  Flavia Creation 400 Online Demo Video   Energy Efficiency  
  • Optional Plumbing / Free or Pay Vend /
  • 4 or 6 column merchandiser
  • With or with out base cabinet
  • Flavia Creation 400 – drinks station choices
  The Flavia Creation 400 user friendly interface means that you get an inviting positive drinks experience right form the start. Once you have selected your drink on-screen instructions guide you through    The Flavia Creation 400 is more energy efficient than the leading single serve competitor. Tests revealed the leading competitor uses 26% more energy    Flavia machine dimensions and technical info





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