Choices on Flavia drinks merchandisers including storage for sugar, milk and stirrers. For a complete stand alone hot drinks station look no further than the purpose built Flavia base cabinet. Flavia Pay Pod, Cup stand and information on tokens can also be found here.

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Flavia Drinks Station

The Flavia base cabinet supports either the Flavia 4-Column Merchandiser or the new Coffee Shop Merchandiser and can also accommodate the Flavia paypod if required.
The cabinet has an angled sludge drawer for used milk pots, stirrers etc. These fall into the large waste bin inside the cabinet.
You can also order the cabinet with cup holder tubes.

Flavia Drinks Station

With lockable front doors the cabinet has ample storage space for additional Flavia drinks and sundries. This cabinet has plenty of space for drinks preparation. A smoked glass top and is solidly built.

HxWxD (mm) 906 x 1200 x 671

Flavia Coffee Shop Merchandiser

It’s the modern ideal storage unit for your Flavia drinks and sundries with an optional side unit for the Flavia paper cups. There are neat small drawers for sugar sticks, milks and stirrers.

Merchandiser Open Drawer

With a storage capacity of up to 700 drinks it’s just what you need to complete the table top look.

Dimensions: HxWxD (mm) 427 x 457 x 469 / Weight 13kg

Flavia 4-Column Merchandiser

The standard Flavia Merchandiser comes with 4 columns, each has 3 drawers giving a total of 12 drawers. Each drawer also has divider inserts thus enabling the facility to store two drinks in one drawer.

Each drawer has a removable front cover where you can either put in the sachet of the drink that drawer contains or there is a set of insert cards that can be used instead. You can chop and change to suit.

4-Column - Add or Remove Columns

You can add / remove sets of 3 drawers to either have the facility to store more drinks or reduce to say 3 columns where space requirements are limited.

The unit can store up to 700 drinks and you can store sundries such as milk pots, sugar sticks and stirrers.

HxWxD (mm) 414x385x437

Flavia Small Merchandiser

Our Flavia Drinks Small Merchandiser holds 80 drinks and offers 8 selections.

The Merchandiser can be adapted to take milk pots, sugar and stirrers. You can even add a cup stand for Flavia Cups.

Flavia Small Merchandiser

For space limitations it can be used inside a 14″ deep cabinet drawer that allows 10 inches of height.
HxWxD (mm ) 111x346x331
Weight 0.83kg

Flavia Creation PayPod

The Flavia Pay Pod accepts all coins and tokens. You can set two prices for drinks. You can set the drink prices at 0.0p should you wish to offer a free drink. The Favia pay pod does not give change.

Flavia Paypod

You can order tokens for the pay pod. Each token will give one free drink and falls into the cash box for re-use. Handy for guests and visitors to your workplace.

HxWxD (mm ) 415x90x369