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Depending on your work environment there are various essentials to look at. We’ve been working with manufacturers and wholesalers to come up with ranges of products and machines to keep your staff and customers safe in the workplace.

We offer a comprehensive range of PPE Personal Protection Equipment for the UK including: Covid masks, gloves and wipes, hand sanitiser gels and sprays with alcohol. Surface cleaners proven against Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Custom PPE vending machines, hand wash and hand sanitiser stations all in one; internal and external.
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Hand Sanitisers : Surface Cleaners : Hand Wash Stations

Our range includes: Hand sanitiser gels with alcohol that range from 50ml to 5litre in capacity. Hand wipes in small handy packs to larger dispenser packs. Our surface cleaners for Covid 19 include smaller and larger sprays together with a 5litre capacity container proven to kill Covid 19 bacteria. We have a wide selection of hand wash and hand sanitiser stations to meet most business requirements

Vending PPE and Hygiene Products

Our ready to go vending PPE machine, the iGiene Hygiene Station vends s specific range of PPE products and includes some of the product range from Beauty Kitchen – this is the award winning range designed with sustainability at its heart. Machines are available to purchase or rent with optional operated services or re fill yourselves. Products can be re-ordered for self fill from our Vending Hygiene order form.  

Custom Vending Machines PPE and Hygiene

Our custom PPE vending machines can be configured for whatever you would like to vend. This can include all PPE related products from just masks or your chosen mixed range of products for your workplace. Add on products could include for example products for hotels, snack bars and more in the same machine. You send us the products, we’ll layout your machine agree your preferred system for purchase. We can also add custom graphics for you. Just let us know your requirements

Vending PPE

PPE + Handwash +
Surface Cleaners

Custom Vending
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PPE + Hygiene +
Hotel Products

The new “Norm”

Manufacturers are developing and producing vending machines, water coolers and fountains to meet the changing needs of society as a whole. Many now have foot pumps so there is no need to turn on / touch taps and we have one vending manufacturer currently with AirTouch Technology on some machines – you do not have to touch the button. Hand wash and sanitise stations are already upon us and you can view these on our website. More details? just contact us.

Airtouch Technology. Floorstanding and Table Top Vending. No need to touch the button

Hand Wash Stations

Effective Handwash Station Anywhere – unplumbed. Hands Free suitable for high footfall environments

Footpump Water Coolers and Water Fountains. No need to touch buttons or taps