Introduction to our all-in-one PPE and Handwash Station

The iGiene Station
Inspired to act by the unprecedented and devastating impact Covid-19 has inflicted on livelihoods, communities, and wider society the team of engineers have developed the iGiene Hygiene Station vending machine. Inline with public health guidance issued by the World Health Organisation the machine offers PPE and a range of antimicrobial products from Beauty Kitchen.

Beauty Kitchen
Beauty Kitchen is a cosmetics brand with sustainability a guiding principle. The effective, award winning ranges are produced with 100% natural ingredients and small changes make a big impact. Within the Beauty Kitchen range of products we have selected those most appropriate to vend in the iGiene Hygiene Station to provide the general public an all-in-one, ready-to-go, vending solution

Igiene Station

iGiene Station in Brief

iVend chassis is constructed from ethically-sourced, powder-coated metal and manufactured in line with Cradle-to-Cradle sustainable design principles.
Capacity for up to 180 products, including nitrile gloves, N95 face masks, antimicrobial hand sanitiser and wipes, and much more Industry first dual conveyor and elevator dispense system with weight sensor which can dynamically switch, allowing for a large selection of items and multi-vend dispensing
Vibrant 43-inch LCD touchscreen to enable users to shop, and for the display of detailed product information and a wealth of high-definition photos and videos.
Contactless NFC and cashless technology which can accept payments from a variety of sources, including mobile, and our proprietary App to supplant the need for physical interaction.
Option to include a built-in medical-grade hand sanitiser dispenser, featuring a motion sensor to automatically release an optimal dose of breakthrough antimicrobial gel or spray
Real-time telemetry provides an unmatched plethora of data: leverage historical and predictive analytics to take the guesswork out of commercial decisions and drive revenue.

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Vend Smart Screenshots

Our iGiene Station – Choices

Purchase ¦ 1,2,3,4,5 Year Rentals ¦ Optional Refilling Service ¦ Self Fill ¦ Maintenance ¦ Servicing

Manufactured in the UK

Machine and Products manufacturered in the UK ¦ We service the whole UK 

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Spray and Refill

refillable / fast drying / scented / effective
Effectively sanitises your hands with 62% alcohol whilst eliminating single-use plastic hand gel bottle waste.

  • Refillable 50ml & 100ml travel size sprays plus 300ml and 500ml refill bottles
  • Waste-zero natural alternative to single use synthetic hand gel
  • 62% alcohol effectively sanitises your hands
  • Contains moisturising aloe-vera and vegetable glycerine to combat dry skin
  • Contains high grade essential oils for a premium scent and experience
  • Certified Microplastic Free (unlike hand gels)
  • No-rinse hygienic hand rub and suitable for frequent use
  • Certified Cruelty Free& Vegan Society Registered
  • All packaging designed for washing and reuse

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