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ISSUES: 12oz Foil Sealed Drinks Supply

Dear Customers
There are ongoing quite severe supply issues for 12oz In-Cup foil sealed drinks.  This being issues at the manufacturing stage. These issues encompas supply of the actual cups and in some cases a lack of or delay of ingredients to produce the drinks into the UK.

Affected drinks as at 30th November 2021 >>
Aero – Tetley Tea – Nescafe White Coffee
Cappuccino ( Nescafe and Douwe Egberts )
Latte ( Nescafe and Douwe Egberts )
Vanilla Latte

We are now marking various produts as out of stock. We can substitute products ( eg Cadburys Hot Chocolate instead of Aero Hot Chocolate ) however please call us first. 

Lids Update 26th November
Go Lids now also affected coming into UK. We have sourced some lids however “units per sleeve” varies and we have currently a mix of black and white sip-thru lids