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Aero Hot Chocolate Sachets x40


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Nestle Aero Hot Chocolate / Indulge Yourself – The bubbles melt on your toungue creating a deliciously smooth hot chocolate sensation.

Easy to prepare and great served over a counter or in the office, AERO Hot Chocolate dissolves in hot milk or water, resulting in a deliciously bubbly hot chocolate drink.

In Brief: Easy to prepare and serve to customers on the go, AERO Hot Chocolate dissolves instantly in hot milk or water, resulting in a velvet-textured hot drink

  • Quick and convenient
  • Up to 12 months shelf life
  • Low fat when prepared
  • No hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • 98 calories per mug

Each Aero intant sachet of 24g is sufficient for a mug serving
40 Sachets per box

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