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Milfresh GOLD Granulated Skimmed Milk 10x500gm


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Milfresh GOLD for a perfect Cappuccino or Latte. Milfresh is the UK brand leader in granulated skimmed milk.  Made with 100% dairy goodness, Milfresh products deliver truly authentic Cappuccinos, Lattes and can be used as a complete replacement for fresh milk. Milfresh is made from dried liquid milk, which retains all the flavour and creaminess you would expect. Nothing comes closer to fresh for all hot beverage requirements.
Choose Milfresh and you’ll benefit from:

  • Coffee Shop standard drinks
  • 100% dairy goodness
  • Healthy heart fat free recipe
  • No added colours, preservatives or Hyrdogenated Fats

Milfresh GOLD and SILVER variants for all automatic coffee machines and vending machines. Available in full cases and single bags

Milfresh GOLD Granulated 100% Skimmed Milk

10 x 500gm

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