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Nescafe and Go Machine ULTIMATE package

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Nescafe Go Machine ULTIMATE package

Ideal for most workplace environments -receptions and meeting areas, offices, warehouses and workshops.  A complete drinks solution that is simple and easy to use and fill – just Pull, Pour, Go! Just plug the machine into the mains, and the Nescafé & Go is ready to use. Hot water is dispensed at 85º and the boiler is sealed to retain heat well to reduce energy consumption. No plumbing required, capacity 4.2 litres ( 15 cups). The machine initially heats up in about 5-10 minutes, then maintains temperature to ensure each drink is dispensed within seconds!  Drinks Menu

Storing drinks and sundries:- The Nescafe and Go Machine stores up to 60 servings at once, with a built-in compartment to hold sugars, stirrers and lids

The ULTIMATE package

8x Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee White, 8x Aero Hot Chocolate, 8x Nescafe Cappuccino, 16x Tetley Tea, 8x Nescafe Black Coffee, 8x Nescafe Original 3IN1,        8x Nescafe Latte, 4x Thick & Creamy Tomato Soup, 4x Thick & Creamy Vegetable Soup, Thick & Creamy Chicken Soup, 4x Cadbury Hot Chocolate, 4x PG Tips White, 100x White Sugar Sticks, 125x Sip-Thru Lids, 100x Wooden Stirrers, 50x Lotus Biscuits, 1 of each take-away cup trays, + NESTLE STANDARD PACKAGE OF.., 8x Sip-Thru Lids, 8x Stirrers, 8x White Sugar Sticks, 1x De-Scale Sachet, 1x Operator Guide, POS Advertising Kit, 12 months boiler manufacturer warranty, 100 Link Club Points and 1 of each Link2GO drink to try.

Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 520x485x386

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