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Taylors Rich Italian Coffee x50


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Taylors Rich Italian Coffee. Pay only one price for all Flavia Teas, Coffees and Galaxy Hot Chocolate; unique with Link Vending. Put your best suit on – this is coffee with class. Inspired by the elegant blends of Northern Italy, it’s a sophisticated medium dark roast with notes of chocolate and almond. 100% of this tea comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Know what you are spending with our custom single price boxes of Flavia Drinks encompassing all Flavia Bright Teas, All Flavia Alterra Coffees and Flavia Galaxy Hot Chocolate. Drinks Menu

Custom – 50 drinks per box

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If you are looking to change your Flavia Machine and Drinks Providor Link Vending is a Mars Drinks® Distributor and has been for 15 years. We serve the whole UK for flavia drinks and flavia machines. Why not give us a call.  

Drinks for the Flavia Creation 500 Machine, Flavia Creation 200 and the Flavia Barista coffee maker.

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