I-Keys – rechargeable at the vending machine or have a separate unit

No Cash 125The I-Key cashless payment system is the cost-effective and flexible solution for cashless payment requirements. It provides total cost management in a variety of formats and is compatible with all of our in-cup hot drinks and combination vending machines associated with in-cup vending machines.

An incredibly flexible range of options

Charging I-Key at the machine 125  

Re-Charging at the vending machine- I–keys contactless technology ensures ruggedness and long term reliability. Cost effective and reliable there are no electro-mechanical moving or moving parts within the reader.

I-Keys can reduce service call outs to machines resulting from jammed coin mechanisms. They can also save time and effort by not having to collect and count cash from the vending machine(s). I-Keys can be re-charged at the vending machine ( specified at placement of machine order ) or at the newly introduced re-charging unit below

 I-Key Charging Unit  

I-Key re-charging unit

This new wall-mounted re-charging station now further enhances the systems overall flexibility by providing a separate point where users can top up their I-Keys.

The recharger I-Key top-up station enables cash-free zones to be simply and reliably implemented at the point of service, thereby delivering security benefits to the site owner.

WxHxD (mm) 300 x 570 x 180







Types of I-Key – for staff – customers – visitors

Cash Value Key- An electronic bank which can be loaded with a cash value by inserting coins into a machine equipped with a coin mechanism or remotely at a separate charging station. Thereafter allows purchases to be made by deducting the value of the vend made from the on-board electronic bank

Cash Value with Discount Key- Enables privileged users to take advantage of an entirely different pricing structure within the machine. Discount privileges can also be made available

Hospitality Key- Can be programmed to grant users  a controlled number of free vends per day

Hospitality Key with Cash Purse- Combines all the benefits of cash value and hospitality keys.

Hospitality Key with Cash Purse and Discount- Combines all the benefits of hospitality and cash value keys together with discount privilages

Free Vend Key- Provides master override facility and makes all products available without charge whilst inserted into the machine

Fixed Credits Key- This key is pre-loaded with a number of credits, each of which allows a single “free vend” to be made. When the credits are exhausted the key is simply thrown away.

Combination System  

The I-Key system can be configured to work with individual, stand alone machines or is equally as competent when controlling suites of equipment to provide total refreshment solutions such as this combination system pictured.

Due to the MiniCup Flex not having a display we recommend that only hospitality and free vend keys are used with this machine.