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Choosing a Water Cooler

Out there – in the market – there are now a host of different types of water coolers, water fountains and under-counter water chillers with counter top taps. They will accommodate almost any requirement / scenario. New water coolers are constantly being introduced with improvements on look and hygiene. But what is right for you?

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Plumbed-In / Mains-Fed Water Coolers / POU Water Coolers

Plumbed-in and mains-fed water coolers do mean the same thing. POU stands for Point of Use and also means the same thing. These need to be plumbed in to a mains water supply. Our standard installation kit includes everything you need including the mains water connection – the saddle valve; alternatively they can always be connected using a stop cock. Our POU water coolers ( point of use ) use john guest plumbing fittings and tubing that is around 1cm wide.

Requirements for installation For a standard fitting all you require is a mains water supply within 2 metres of the intended site for your water cooler and an electrical socket. Alternatively we can install machines up to 30 metres away using various methods. We are happy to advise or we can arrange a site visit

Tank fill mains fed water coolers Mains water passes through a filter and fills up a tank that is chilled inside the water cooler. As water is drawn from the base of the tank filtered water is fed into the top of the tank.

Direct chilled mains fed water coolers The latest machines to hit the market these water coolers do not have a tank. Instead they have a “water filled coil” inside the tank that is permanently chilled. As the water passes through the coil it is chilled by the time the water is dispensed. This improved technology means that the deep sanitising cleans tank fill machines need is not required as the water is not exposed to air-borne bacteria at any time. For direct chill water dispensers it is important that the site has the required minimum water pressure requirements; normally 3.4 bar.

Hot, Cold, Ambient and Sparkling mains water coolers Some water coolers offer ambient and cold, others hot and cold, some cold only, others hot cold and sparkling. Some machines have taps, others have push buttons to dispense a drink.

Water coolers with a hot tap are not the same as a hot water boiler. Temperatures can vary on the hot option from 80-92°. Some have a temperature adjustment to suit your requirements. The hot tap is ideal for a cup of tea or coffee.

Cold tap options serve chilled water normally at around 5°, ambient taps serve water around 15°. The sparkling water options are available on some top of the range water coolers. Please see the individual water coolers / brochures for specifications and choices.

POU water cooler filters All plumbed in water coolers require a filter. Our standard filter is suitable for most sites. They remove chlorine, organic matter, tastes and odours. More powerful filters are available on request. Please refer to our water doctor page for more information.

Some water fountains do not come with a chiller. These have a cold, mains-fed water supply straight to the tap. These are often used for outside use.

Table / desk top water coolers and floor standing water coolers Most of our water coolers are available with either option. Performance for both types is the same in most cases. Either machine normally takes up 30 square cm or 1 square foot of worktop / floor space. Desktop water coolers are ideal for where space is at a premium.

Servicing and maintenance Generally all POU water coolers require a twice annual service that includes a filter exchange, sanitise and service. Water coolers with the hot option ideally should have a de-scale if required to maintain optimum performance. You can have filters fitted that reduce this requirement to an absolute minimum deterring scale build up. We distribute and maintain water coolers anywhere in the UK for purchase or rental.Have a look at our installation and maintenance page for further details and DIY options

Costs and the Environment:

Bottled Water Coolers VERSES Plumbed-in Water Coolers When comparisons are made with bottled water coolers the mains fed water cooler wins in most cases. Costs are greatly reduced, safety for staff is improved, storage space required is greatly reduced and carbon footprint comparisons show favourably for POU water coolers. For further details see our water doctor page.

You can define our water coolers into 3 categories:

Budget: These machines are ideal for low usage sites. Standard: Our largest range of machines is in this category. Ideal for up to 30 staff. Premium: These are water coolers of the highest build quality, specifications and in some cases output per hour.

Additional items to consider:

Drip Trays: All water coolers come with a drip tray that will get filled up over time with the occasional spillage. Some of our coolers come with a tank you can put in the base of the machine. This can hold a few litres of water thus maintenance / checking the drip tray in this respect can be reduced considerably. This and water coolers with drip trays connected to the mains waste ( for example a sink waste ) are the most effective. These last two are ideal for sites of heavy usage for example schools.

Filling bottles and jugs: Some of our water coolers are able to accommodate these with a larger gap between the drip tray and tap.

Hygiene Guard: Some water coolers come with a coating that deters the transfer of bacteria. These have been especially designed for use in hospitals and areas where the need for assistance in improving hygiene is paramount.

SIP Technology: Newly introduced Sip reduces sanitising and filter changes down to once per annum. Some of our Classic range of plumbed in water coolers has this as an option.

UV Technology: Ultra violet light kills harmful bacteria before the water is dispensed into the cup. This is an alternative additional option you could choose to have.

Complete hot and cold drinks solution: For a complete vending solution including a water cooler and hot drinks machine the Bistro will deliver. The water cooler sits underneath with the top accommodating most table top coffee and vending machines.

Bottled Water Coolers: Bottled water coolers only require a plug socket and a square foot of floor or desktop space. All machines are tank fill and take the 12 and 19 litre bottles of water. Specifications and range are much the same as plumbed in water coolers. Bottled water coolers require a sanitising clean and service every 3 months.  We can deliver bottled water to various areas in the UK and totally within the M25

Under Counter Water Chillers These are plumbed in to the mains water supply, have a filter and chiller and require servicing the same as a mains fed water cooler. Various options of taps are available. These are normally fitted above a sink giving freshly chilled, filtered water.

Water Fountains These are mains water fed. All will have a mains waste option. Filtration is optional. Some water fountains are suitable for outside use.

Hot Water Boilers Hot water boilers are ideal for sites where a constant supply of hot water is available for hot drinks. Hot water boilers can be mains fed or manual fill. It does depend on your intended use for the machine as to how powerful a machine is required. Scale build up is one area where these machines require attention. We offer de-scale sachets to do this or we can arrange a service programme to maintain your boiler.

Warranty All our water coolers, if purchased, come with a 12 months parts warranty

Plumbed Water Cooler - Tank Fill

Plumbed Cooler

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Direct Chill POU

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

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Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers




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