Not all water coolers are equal – Alpha 1 with Hygiene Guard

The new stylish silver Alpha 1 POU water cooler is affordable and stands taller than the rest. The Hygiene Guard protects the dispensing point. It has push button controls and offers SIP technology saving features of up to 46%.

There is a generous dispensing area for bottles and there is a customised branding panel


Cooling system 2.5 litre cold tank. Thermostatically controlled from 4° – 12°C.

Heating system 1.4 litre hot tank
Thermostatically controlled from 87° – 92°C

Drip tray drain to waste ready

Integral cup dispenser (floor standing only)

Counter top or floor standing

Ambient and cold

Push button controls

Dimensions: (HxWxD)

Floor-standing: 1152×299×381mm Weight 18.6kgs

Counter top: 475×299×411mm Weight 13.5kgs