SIP – Saving you money

Activating Sleep Mode turns the power to the cooler off during times of no use. Tests have shown that – if sleep from 18.00-06.00 – the annual saving in electricity is 139kwh for ambient and cold cooler and 9125kwh for a hot and cold water cooler

Reducing your carbon footprint

DEFRA calculates that every kwh is responsible for 530gms of Carbon. Using the example above, the annual saving in Carbon output therefore amounts to a staggering 490 kg for a Hot & Cold cooler and 74.5 kg for an ambient and cold water cooler

Hygienic Cooler

SIP automatically sanitises 365 nights per year; you cannot get it any better. Sip is available with most Classic water coolers plumbed-in and bottled both floor-standing and some table top.

Sip Sleep Mode  

The SIP automatic

water cooler sanitiser

SIP Technologies has created the SIP 1000. The device that sanitises your water cooler’s reservoir automatically – each night

SIP can be programmed to turn the power to the Cooler off and back on again, without affecting the overnight sanitising cycle


SIP VideoVideo: Learn all about SIP

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 Sip Micro Bubbles    Sip working nightly  

 Sip oxidising agent

SIP sanitises by circulating micro-bubbles of chemical-free ozone into your water cooler’s reservoir   Each night SIP activates for approximately 5 minutes to sanitise the water cooler  

Bio-film, bacteria, viruses, mold and algae cannot survive proper ozone exposure – nature’s most powerful oxidising agent
















Biofilm in the Cooler

Biofilmis a “slimy” substance that forms on the walls of a water cooler’s reservoirs over time. This substance can degrade the quality of water that is dispensed from a cooler. SIP solves this.

In independent laboratory tests, the SIP 1000 has been shown to inhibit biofilm growth in the water cooler’s reservoir.

After 92 days, swab tests were taken from working water cooler’s with the SIP 1000 properly installed. When tested, there was ZERO biofilm growth in the cooler’s reservoirs with SIP. Zero.

Compare this to a water cooler where nothing was done | (for control purposes) which had counts in the Thousands.

By sanitising each night, you stay ahead of the biofilm growth in your water coolers – and your coolers will always provide the pure water you intended.

  Sip Bio Film Levels

 SIP 1000 Ozone Levels in the Water Cooler

Sip Ozone Levels

  The chart to the left shows the various ozone levels generated by the SIP 1000 based on the time that the unit runs. The SIP 1000 first converts Oxygen in the air into Ozone. Then, it circulates micro-bubbles of Ozone into your cooler’s reservoir. Ozone is a natural, effective oxidizer that can safely be used in drinking water. Bacteria are “zapped” instantly when they come in contact with Ozone – and your water will be great to SIP

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