Medium Capacity under counter water chiller with taps ideal for kitchens in the workplace or home.

……… dispensing up to 40 litres per hour

Models available:

  • BK5 Cold and Ambient
  • BZ9 Cold, Ambient and Sparkling

Its compact contemporary design makes the BK range of taps ideally suited for for breakout zones or any area where space is at a premium. Fed from the water mains, the BK range can dispense up to 40 litres of chilled water per hour with consistantly low energy consumption.

Minimalistic Kitchen

Minimalistic Kitchen Look

Multifunctional Tap

ambient / cold / sparkling
up to 30 litres per hour

Functional Kitchen

Busy functional kitchen


Our premium tap systems are a high quality compression system. Compact Internal condenser- fan assisted for greater efficiency.

Cooling system 3.5 litre stainless steel chiller tank with level control containing stainless steel direct chill coil.

Cooling Type Direct Chill

Cold Capacity  Up to 30 litres per hour

Dimensions (mm) 240 x 420 x 370

Power requirements 220-230v – 50Hz

Max Power Consumption 670w – 2.84a

Refrigerant Gas R134a 98g

Cold water range 4 – 8 degrees C

H20 working pressure (min/max) 1.5/4 Bar

CO2 working pressure (min/max) 3.5/6 Bar

Three Tap system

  • BK5 – Cold and Ambient
  • BK9 – Cold, Ambient and Carbonated ( Sparkling )

Packaged weight 27kg