Asis water fountain

Guaranteed high volume refreshment – at the touch of a button

Delivering an instant and constant supply of chilled water the Acis FT40 water fountain is both reliable and stylish thanks to its solid construction  and sleek, stainless steel finish

Utilising a direct chill cooling system and providing an output of up to 40 litres per hour, the FT40 guarantees immediate refreshment and required little in the way of maintenance.

Ideal for schools and health clubs

With a built-in back feature, automatically supplied with a waste kit, and optional waste pump it is an ideal solution for users from schools and health clubs – and don’t forget – it dispenses up to 40 litres per hour


 Key Features


  • Simplistic stainless steel finish
  • Push-button bubbler
  • Sturdy glass / bottle filler tap
  • Direct Chill cooling system
  • Up to 40 litres per hour output
Acis FT40 Water Fountain Top
  • Removal back panel for ease of waste connection
  • Mains waste connection kit included
  • Built-in back fix
  • Optional waste pump
  • Integrated ventilation











Cooling Capacity 40 Litres at 4° – 12°C.

Power Consumption 112W

Stainless Steel Finish

Floor Standing


Dimensions: (HxWxD)

Floor-standing: 1190×360×270mm Weight 22kgs