Our Classic Water Fountain – available in 2 models – at an affordable price

Model 1 WFT6 – up to 30 litres per hour and Model 2 WFM126A – up to 15 litres per hour

The WFT6 Drinking Water Fountain has durable push button operated Bubbler and Glass Filler faucets. It is connected to the mains water supply. Installing a Carbon Block Filter removes the Chlorine taste and smell of mains water. The Water Fountain needs to be connected to a waste trap, via a flexible waste pipe. The WFT6 is not intended for outdoor use. 


Mains water pressure: Min 1 bar, max 2.5 bar (If pressure too high install a Pressure Valve)

Water Flow Control: Bubbler and Glass Filler are adjustable

 Cabinet: Plastic coated Steel Panels and polished Steel Tray

 Refrigeration System: Non toxic, non flammable R134a refrigerant

 Cooling System & Cooling Capacity:  Direct Chill 26 litres per hour to 10C from incoming water temperature of 20C and a room temperature of 30C

 Compressor & Condenser: 1/6 hp, power 190w. with  fan assisted condenser.

 Power Supply: 220/240 Volt, 50hz

 Dimensions & Weight: Cabinet 1015mm H, 305mmW & D

Weight 25.6kg

Glass filler height 290mm

Allow 50mm clearance all round for proper ventilation