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Range now discontinued
In December 2017 Kenco discontinued the singles machines and drinks. The Kenco Singles Drinks have been phased out and you will find in many cases your supplier ( if not us ) stocks have now been depleted.

It’s time to replace your single serve system
The best like for like systems in the UK are the Flavia Single Serve Systemsour most popular office single serve system
We can get this organised for you. Have a Flavia System within 5 working days. Just give us a call on 0800 3891058 and talk to one of our staff.

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Each capsule has its own special filter system and contains just the right amount of coffee, tea or hot chocolate which is foil sealed for freshness. The intelligent capsule then tells the system what drink it is and its perfect brewing time to give you that freshly brewed taste in every drink.   Choose from a wide variety of delicious hot beverages from Kenco coffees, PG tips or Twinings leaf teas and Suchard hot chocolate – all served quickly and easily.Kenco Singles Drinks 






Kenco Singles Light Roast Coffee   Kenco Singles Medium Roast Coffee   Kenco Singles Dark Roast Coffee 
Kenco Singles Light Roast Coffee

Kenco light Roast Coffee is a mild tasting coffee with a smooth balanced taste and aroma, perfect for everyday drinking.

  Kenco Singles Medium Roast Coffee

Kenco Medium Roast Coffee is a good all rounder with a balanced taste and aroma appealing to a wide audience and perfect for everyday drinking.

  Kenco Singles Dark Roast Coffee

Kenco Dark Roast Coffee provides a dark roasted ground coffee with a rich continental taste and offers appeals to those enjoying a rich taste & strength of body

Kenco Singles Decaf Coffee   Kenco Singles Colombian Coffee   Kenco Singles Instant Cappuccino
Kenco Singles Decaffeinated Coffee Kenco expertly roasted superior blend of fine beans to produce a smooth decaffeinated coffee which doesn’t compromise on taste or flavour. Perfect coffee for drinking   Kenco Singles Colombian Coffee

Kenco Singles Colombian uses a 100% single origin beans to make an expertly roasted Kenco filter coffee which has an aromatic and sensual coffee taste and aroma, for a distinctive coffee experience.

  Kenco Instant Cappuccino

Kenco Instant Cappuccino is indulgent and luxurious and a real treat at anytime of the day, blended smooth Kenco roasted coffee with added sweetness and a milky froth to make a delightful Italian classic.

Kenco Singles Carte Noir Coffee   Kenco Carte Noir Espresso    Kenco Singles Suchard Chocolate
Kenco Singles Carte Noir Coffee 

Kenco Carte Noir coffee is made with a superior blend of the finest beans, expertly roasted by Kenco to produce a rich French flavor with a smooth taste. The perfect coffee for a stronger continental experience

  Kenco Singles Carte Noir Espresso Coffee

Kenco Singles Carte Noir Espresso. An intense, dark and full bodied Espresso Kenco Coffee, expertly roasted from fine beans to produce a strong, french espresso coffee.

  Kenco Singles Suchard Chcolate

Suchard Chocolate offers chocolate lovers the chance to indulge in the famous Swiss Chocolatier’s rich and luxurious premium hot chocolate drink.

Kenco Singles PG Tea   Twinings Earl Grey Tea   Twinings Peppermint Tea
Kenco Singles PG Tea Kenco Singles PG Tips. The distinctive PG tips taste and flavour, now sourced entirely from Rain Forest Alliance certified farms. Suitable for a refreshing tea experience during the day   Kenco Singles Earl Grey Tea

Wonderfully aromatic, Twining Earl Grey Tea is a British classic which offers uncompromised taste and flavour. Suitable for a refreshing tea experience during the day.

  Kenco Singles Peppermint Tea

Kenco Singles Twinings Peppermint Tea. Kenco Singles have added the refreshing caffeine free Twining’s herbal peppermint tea for those demanding a healthier infusion



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