Custom Vending Machines

Vending after hours, breakout areas, water vending and more.

A sample of our bespoke vending machine choices. Vending machines can be adapted to vend all types of products – call us – we know we will be able to help.

Innovative Vending Solutions – New Product Launches

We can accommodate most scenarios. Whether it be Stationary Vending, Health Club drinks and vitamins, Swimming costumes, New product launch with be-spoke branding. Contact us and let us know your requirements


After Hours Breakout Areas – Vending Banks

After hours 175H  

The shop’s shut, the snack bar is closed, we’re closing the canteen, we’re losing too much time with staff going out to lunch, we do not have room for a fridge.

These are various scenarios now becoming more common place. Take a look at some of the combinations we can offer. This is far from exhaustive so if you do not see what you are looking for contact us; we know we will be able to help you find the right solution.

  Vending Bank


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Westomatic Bank   Sigma and Snack Vendor   Snack Break Milano Ice   SnackBreak Milano

Versatile Banking System

A lot of options within this range. Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and food. Customisation options… and it doesn’t cost the earth


Branding Opportunities

Bean to Cup Vending with snacks, confectionary and cold drinks. High quality all round


Brushed Silver – Fizzy Drinks

A tasteful solution with added chilled still and fizzy water together with “fill a bottle”


Vending Machine Bank

One of our popular solutions with Snacks and Crisps, Cans, Bottles and Hot Drinks


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Nexus Machine Bank   Necta MicroWave Bank   Sanden Bank

Make an impact

A modern executive suite look. For something smart and different this combination serves cold and hot drinks and fresh foods. A similar system we installed into a Harley Davidson motorcycle showroom


Vending Food and Drinks

This combination offers hot and cold meals with microwave housing and hot drinks


Italian Styling Vending Machine Bank

A bank ideal for large / public sites. The bottles have soft drop facility with a versatile complimenting snack and hot drink offering



Some Link Vending Projects



Innovative Vending Machine Solutions

What do you want to vend?

Innovative: We can accommodate most scenarios. Whether it be Stationary Vending, Health Club Drinks and Vitamins, Books, Mobile Phones and other high value. We also offer new product launch services with bespoke branding

Frozen Food Vending / Ready Meals: Useful frozen and ambient meal solutions for out of hours. With Microwave Housing unit you can warm up the meals. Ice cream vending is a useful add on for sale s in certain graphical areas

Innovative Vending

Innovative Vending