Ice Cream Vending Machine

First launched in 1993 in the European Market this ice cream vendor was restyled in 2008 with the application of modern technology, the new latest vending machine offers more user-friendly features and advanced programming. There is also an optional back-up freezer

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Easy 6000 Food Vending Machine

The Easy 6000 fresh foods vendor stands out from the crowd. The innovative multi-drum is a caterer's dream thanks to retractable pull out drums that allow fast and easy stock replenishment. Drums hold a variety of products - chilled meals, drinks, snacks, fruit & confectionary.

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Vending foods – other machine options

Microwave Housing Unit – this comes at the standard 1830mm high. You also have places for cutlery, serviettes etc. Staff pay for their meal at the food vending machine then use the Microwave to heat up.

Bistro Ambient Meals – An example of one of our G-Snack vending machines made up to serve ambient meals. We can also do this for chilled ready meals or a combination of the two.

Frozen Ready Meals – An example of a 5-shelf profile vending machine to vend frozen products including ready meals

Vending Bank – An example complete suite of vending machines for a large site – this bank is form Crane merchandising systems

Used Food Vending Machines – We often have used Shoppertron Food Vending Machines … used vending machines with Shoppertron

Vending Sandwiches, Snacks and Cold Drinks – take a look at the SnackPoint Range and G-Snack Range

Micro Housing for food vending   Bistro Ambient Meals Vending Machine   Frozen Vending Meals   Vending Bank
 Microwave Housing Unit   Bistro Ambient Meals   Frozen Meals    Vending Bank with Food Vendor and Microwave Housing

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