The most “LOVED” ice-cream vending machine in Europe

First launched in 1993 in the European Market this ice cream vendor was restyled in 2008 with the application of modern technology, the new latest vending machine offers more user-friendly features and advanced programming. There is also an optional back-up freezer – The Merlino – available for stock of ice creams on location.

Livery options: Standard Dark Grey or White ( Back Up Freezer Grey Only //  Personalised branding options available


Icre Cream Vending Machine  


  • Minimum thermal dispersion for product loading with a small internal door
  • A foldable table to place cartons for easy and handy product loading
  • Ergonomic central delivery eyelet: easy-to-reach also for wheel chair users and children
  • Anti-vandalism safety coin insert and coin return as standard
  • A completely redesigned cooling unit: removable, high performance and reliability
  • Independent cooling unit control for quick and easy operation
  • Easily accessible internal cell for maintenance. To remove a column takes only 3 minutes!
  Milano Ice Cream Storage Cabinet


Selection / Column

Max capacity

Height x Width x Depth



Power Supply

Max  Power Consumption



IceCream Machine

4 / 4

204 packaged ice creams

1830x920x790 mm

305 Kg

1 Kw / 15,3 cc


1500 W

Executive / MDB



Power Supply

Height x Width x Depth



Power Consumption

Climate Class EN 441


Storage cabinet

-18°C -25°C


1830x440x790 mm


1/4 Hp

170 W

4 (35°C – 70%  R.H.)

4 shelves + 1 base